Hymns for Nuptials in Konkani

Singing melodious hymns makes your wedding nuptials extra special. Although the Hymns are a traditional part of the Wedding Nuptial, there is a variety to choose from. Well, choosing the perfect once could be a bit tedious. So, to make your job easy, Weddingsdegoa has clubbed together with a set of wedding hymns in Konkani to plan your Konkani Nuptial ceremony which mostly happens in Goa.

1. Hokle Novreak Ievkar

“Hokle Novreak Ievkar” means welcoming the Bride and the Groom as they start the beginning of their new life. This hymn truly feels special and thrilling as you walk towards the church Alter to exchange your vows.

2. Mog Mogan Jie

The Hymn goes as “Mog Mogan Jie, Sukh ani Dukh Jivitam panvdde” which means. Love, Live a life of Love forever, Happiness and sorrow are the steps of life. A thoughtful hymn with deep meaning in life. You will definitely love to have it for your Big Day.

3. Asro Di Deva

The title of the song means “Give is Shelter Lord”. As you start the beginning of your new life The Lords Help and Shelter should always be with you. This hymn depicts asking from the Lord the most essential favors important for you to start your new life as Husband and Wife.

4. Bhettounk Haddtanv

Which means “We bring to you our Offerings” from happiness to sorrows, pains and sufferings, wealth and health. Fruits and flowers offer all to the Lord.

5. Az khoxechea disa

The title of the song means “On this happy Day” Asking the Lord for all His blessings and happiness on the newly wedded couple on their wedding day.

Well, these are a few to choose from, and that have a deep meaning. So, choose the best once inline with your theme.
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Picture: St. Elizabeth’s Choir