How to throw the best barn wedding or event & enjoy the outside space

Barns are ideal venues for romantic weddings. From rustic to contemporary designs, barns can make the ideal setting.

Planning a barn wedding or similar event requires more planning than any traditional celebration would, so here are some key points you need to remember:

1. Pick a Location

Barn weddings have quickly become an increasingly popular trend, offering guests an unforgettable experience and adding outdoor elements into the decor of your event.

Finding the ideal venue is key when planning a barn wedding, taking into account your budget, the capabilities of the location, as well as any special features or details that could enhance the ceremony or reception.

Your venue selection should include everything necessary to make your special day successful, including tables, chairs, heaters, generators, restrooms and more. If you’re choosing an outdoor event venue of any kind, it’s always smart to prepare for any weather situation. Some venues provide all necessary services and equipment while others may require you to bring in tables, chairs, heaters, generators, restrooms etc.

If you’re planning on hosting a barn wedding during winter months, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast to ensure it won’t be too warm or too cool for your guests when they arrive! No one wants them shivering when they reach your venue!  

2. Pick a Theme

Your wedding theme should reflect both you and your partner’s individual styles while fitting within both budget and vision for its implementation.

Rustic themes are timeless classics for any season and occasion, offering both beauty and convenience in one package.

As part of your theme, it’s important to think carefully about colors and the overall feel you want your venue to have. Your home decor style may even provide inspiration for designing aspects of the reception hall and other details. 

3. Pick Your Vendors

A barn wedding venue can add the perfect rustic, country or classic atmosphere for your big day. No matter whether you prefer lots of floral arrangements or prefer more contemporary decor elements – barns offer incredible flexibility when it comes to decor options.

Add organic greenery to your wedding table centerpieces like these for added barn decor and make the room more lush and vibrant! Eucalyptus strings, olive leaves and wildflowers can easily transform a space.

Adding some fun and playful elements to your barn wedding is easy – simply seek inspiration in the form of twinkle lights and drapes, which you can hang from the doors or windows of the venue to set a magical scene for your big day! 

4. Plan for the Weather

As part of planning a barn wedding ( one of the key aspects to consider is weather. Farms do not often provide much insulation from external factors like sun and rain; so it is imperative that your venue can manage extreme temps or rain showers without incident.

If you’re planning a barn reception, be sure it has air conditioning; otherwise your guests could become sweaty during dinner, dancing and other activities.

Add fans to the barn interior as an effective solution for cooling it during hot summer days and making ceremonies take place outdoors more manageable. 

5. Plan for Parking

When planning a barn wedding, the venue you select needs to accommodate all your guests comfortably. A venue with ample parking should always be your priority and be sure to research its parking policies and restrictions, along with any applicable fees for access.

Depending on its location, consider factoring local traffic patterns as well as reserving spots for out-of-town guests in order to reduce traffic jams at most venues!

Don’t overlook your driveway when looking at parking solutions; this will be one of the quickest and least costly ways to ensure guests enjoy themselves at your event. 

6. Plan for Entertainment

For an enjoyable barn wedding celebration, there are numerous entertainment options. Choose between live bands, DJs or combining both! Or add outdoor activities like dancing and singing around a bonfire as additional entertainment options.

Add brightness to a barn with paper lanterns or string lights for an ambient glow, or hang white sheets from its rafters for a more elegant and classy effect.

Barns are ideal settings for open dance floors, but you must ensure there is enough space for all of your guests. Speak to your venue manager about obtaining their floor plan for you.