How much will an Average Wedding Cost in Goa?

Questions to ask before asking How much will an Average Wedding Cost in Goa?

If you have plans to get married in the beautiful state of Goa and are planning your wedding budget? The question to ask before anything is what type of wedding I want to have..

Will it be a Traditional Goan Church Wedding ? or a Destination Beach Wedding? Also, do you plan to have a Wedding at a five-star Resort ? or a Wedding at an Ancestral Portuguese Casa? The choices are plenty and options a many to choose from.

Moreover, Before finding the cost of a wedding in Goa, be sure you have the following answers ready before approaching a wedding planner or resort with your inquiries

WeddingsDeGoa helps you prepare before you even start planning on What, How, and Where in Goa you plan your wedding.

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Dream Location?

Firstly what’s your Dream Wedding Location you always wanted?

In Goa here are some available choices to look at

| Beach | Resort | Goan wedding Venues | Ancestral Home with Backyard | Church | Open arena | Traditional homes |

Pick from any of these beautiful picturesque locations and remember to book them well in advance.

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Wedding Theme?

How would you like your day to be remembered?

Choose from a wide variety of theme options to choose from be it

|Traditional Goan | Rustic Weddings I Floral I Boho I Fairytale I Royal Gala I

All The Wedding Vendors are sure to help you have your theme come alive beautifully.

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Number of Guests?

What the Guestlist looks like?

Will the crowd be 100+ or a limited of only family and close friends 50 people? This is a very important question as most of the prices are directly related to per guest at your wedding.

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Decor, Food, Drinks, Entertainment?

Firstly, This is again something the couple has to decide if they have some exclusive needs then the prices will be as per the requirements.

Secondly, having a clear idea of what’s required will get you the best deals. All your needs can be arranged,  all you need is your budget

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Guest Stay and Activities?

Normally resorts offer special packages for weddings, Hotels can be pre-booked as well separately.

Goan holiday homes, Villas, and Bungalows can even be rented for destination wedding guests. This is important to decide on where you plan to host the guests and what you want to offer them during their stay.

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Do I want an Elite, Exclusive, Customized Wedding?

If the answer is yes then Wedding planner is a must that can understand your requirements to get them fulfilled.

These are some of the important questions to address before even trying to find whats the cost of a Goan wedding.