How much does it cost for a Destination Wedding in Goa?

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Planning to have your Destination Wedding in Goa?

Planning to have your Dream Destination Wedding in Goa? Well, Goa with its beautiful beaches and exotic resorts has been a hub for tourists and Destination Weddings. If you are all set to tie a knot and planning to have your wedding at the scenic beaches, experiencing the sunsets, sand beneath your toes, and the splashy tone of the waves.

Without any doubt, Goa is the best place to host your Wedding. Equally, Goa offers its uniqueness and lush green tranquility Goa proves to be an ideal Destination Wedding Spot.

As you start planning your big day the next question in your mind would be the cost associated with it. Well, keeping all the destination wedding aspects in mind the average cost of a destination wedding in Goa would cost somewhere around 40 – 60 lakhs. However, this cost may vary to high or low depending on the various arrangements you need for the wedding. 

WeddingsdeGoa have clubbed together with the major pointers that one should keep in mind before planning a destination wedding in Goa.

Venue Selection

From spacious and sparkly outdoor venues to elegant indoor venues. Goa has much much to offer. Moreover, if you are planning for a Destination Wedding there are resorts having their own venues where you can host your wedding at.

Some Goan Resorts also have a beach area where you can have your wedding. Well, the cost of these venues varies accordingly.

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Guest List

When you are planning for a Destination Weddings it is equally important to see to your guest list. It’s always advisable to have RSVPs in this case so that you have the exact number of guests attending your wedding.

However, The cost will vary according to the number of guests you invite. The average cost for a 100 guests wedding is approximately 30 to 50 lakhs.

Guests Arrangements

Destination Weddings are like a mini-vacation for all. And when you invite guests who need to travel from a different state you need to look after their food and accommodation requirements.

in Goa there are a number of homestays and resorts that offer great hospitality. Well, the rates differ according to their services and luxury. A luxurious resort room will cost nothing less than 12-15k per day.

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Wedding Decor 

Now the Decor completely depends on how and what you want whether you want minimalistic decor or an extraordinary setup. Fresh flower decor often costs more than the artificial setup.

In Goa, the minimum wedding decor services start from 60-80k and go up to 4 to 5 lakhs. All according to the client’s requirements.



A wedding without music, dhol, and dance does not sound too good. So if you are having a Destination Wedding you need to look for a DJ, Live band, and other entertainment services according to your preferences. 

DJs normally charge around 40 to 60k per event. A live band can go up to 1 – 2 lakhs.


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Other Arrangements

Weddings come with a lot of arrangements and it’s always good to have all plans intact. Other arrangements like a Photographer, makeup, and Mehendi artists, bar services, etc are all to be taken care of.

The costs of these services may vary from the services they provide.

Well, as we know Goa is a wise choice to host a Destination wedding, the above factors will help you to plan according to your budget.

The best suggestion would be to hire an expert or a wedding planner in Goa. who will help you with all your arrangements and also with an accurate breakdown cost of everything you need

If you are planning your destination wedding in Goa, and want to know the cost associated with it, then you are at the right place.

Stop Searching and Start Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding in Goa !!

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