How can wedding photographers upscale themselves during these times?

There are a lot of industries relying on having successful wedding seasons for survival. And with coronavirus affecting the wedding season in many markets, it has left wedding photographers wondering how can they manage their plans & time during COVID-19. With restrictions all across and ample time at hand, these are are the things Wedding Photographers could spend time on to upscale and learn new skills.

Clearing Wedding Backlog

We are sure you still have a backlog of weddings to be edited and fine-tuned. Here’s all your time at hand to set up a plan in trying to accomplish the unfinished wedding backlogs.

Storing Data & Content

This is surely the time entering into your vaults and drives. Checking on all the content you need to store and the ones that need to be discarded. If you have harddisk’s with storage warnings then utilize this time to clear out the unwanted data that filling up space.

Follow up & Planner List

Prepare a followup & planner list of all your clients who are supposed to pay you. Surely you will be surprised to see how many people are still there on the credit list. Check your next year’s plans and see if you are just booked enough to set your next plans.

Spend time on Social media & Wedding sites

Use this time to post your best work online and set a social media planner for daily postings. Try to get a blog written on your work to add that x-factor. Spend time on Wedding photography sites in learning new concepts and ideas to implement when life returns. Update your listings with new photos & content on wedding sites such as Weddingsdegoa.

Learn a new style of Photography

Always wanted to try something different and never had the time? This is it, Utilize this precious given time in learning that skill you always wanted to. Plenty of online tutorials are free and can be accessed on YouTube or sites such as these in the link :

Eventually, keep your self busy and updated to latest news in the wedding photography segment. Use this time for honoring new skill sets. Setup a planner on things to do and once life returns back to normalcy you are ready to shoot back.

Share this with your wedding photography friends and lets spread the positivity.