Haldi Ceremony in Goa

May it be a Christian Wedding or a Hindu Wedding, Goan Weddings bring along many traditions and rituals with it. However, over the years not all of the traditions are followed. The bridal couple now chooses to have trendy celebrations following the classic nods. Still, some of the traditions have remained strong and still been celebrated by many. Also, all these Traditions have a deep meaning and reason behind following them.

The Haldi Ceremony is a Hindu Wedding Tradition in which the bride and the groom are anointed with a paste of Haldi.

The Haldi is basically a paste of Turmeric, oil, sandalwood, and rose water or in some areas, milk is used to prepare the paste. This mixture is then applied to the bride and groom respectively by their family friends and relatives and all those invited for the ceremony. The mixture is applied using mango leaves. The Haldi ceremony is believed to be auspicious as applying the Haldi paste is done as a gesture to bless the bridal couple before the wedding. Equally, they believe that the positivity and color of the ingredients used to prepare the paste bring prosperity to the couple to start off their new beginning together.

In Goa, the haldi ceremony is considered as the most important pre wedding ritual and so, it is celebrated in the most extravagant ways. Lately, special Haldi decorations and backgrounds are set up to celebrate this ceremony. Traditional songs and dances are also performed. Friends and Family eagerly wait for this pre-wedding ritual as it is loved by all for the fun and flair it brings along with tons of memories to cherish.

Moreover, the Haldi and the ingredients used to prepare this paste have natural beautifying elements in it that detoxify the skin and act as an excellent exfoliating agent. It adds up a glow to the bridal couple.

Well, Besides all the fun and flair, The Haldi ceremony has a spiritual meaning too. It is said that applying the Haldi Paste to the bride and the Groom purifies and cleanses their souls as they begin their new life together.  Some people also say that the Haldi ward off evil spirits and protect the bridal couple.