Wedding Dj or Duo Band? Goan Weddings in 2022

Wedding DJs in Goa

DJ or Duo Band for Goan Weddings in 2022

No Goan Wedding is complete without music. In Goa, there are a number of Live Wedding Bands, Wedding DJs, Duo Bands, one-man bands, etc that fulfill every wedding music requirement for weddings and other celebrations.

Equally, with their incredible groove, they are sure to take your celebrations up the notch. However, due to the deadly coronavirus that has hit the wedding industry drastically in Goa, most bridal couples are planning for intimate wedding celebrations.

Well, as we see the wedding season slowly picking up. We definitely hope for a positive start for Goan Weddings in 2022. Since the past two years, many weddings were postponed and some also canceled plans. As a reason, the number of weddings in 2022 will be on the rise.

Also, travel restrictions from various countries have been revoked. So, the Goan diaspora settled across the world can travel and celebrate their weddings with their loved ones.

However, for wedding celebrations in 2022, the covid -19 protocols need to be continued. Having intimate wedding celebrations with limited crowds will continue. And most of the Goan couples plan for an intimate and budgeted wedding. And talking about music for weddings, Wedding DJs, Duo, and one-man bands are now most preferred over Live Bands.

PC: DJ Wency

There are a number of Wedding DJs in Goa that can provide you with some great music. The most versatile music rockers that play every genre of recorded music. Also, compared to Live wedding bands in Goa, Wedding DJs are budgeted. They play in different styles and love playing music that makes people happy and groove on their tunes.

PC: Neville Cardozo

On the other hand, duo bands for weddings in Goa are also the most preferred. Not only budgeted but the live duo performs onstage music chemistry that is sure to give your wedding some cute and romantic vibes. There are a number of Duo bands in Goa who with their amazing charm and versatile set of vocals grace your wedding reception.

Well, if you want a Wedding DJ, a Duo band, or a full-on live band to rock your wedding the choice is yours. Go through the amazing Wedding band and Wedding DJ profiles on Weddings de Goa and choose the best one for you.