Goan Vintage Weddings

Weddings in Goa in the past decades and also now are celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. Goan Weddings are not just a day’s celebration. But come with a week full of colorful traditions, fun, excitement, and joy among the families. Well, talking about Goan Vintage Weddings. Over the course of time, there is a drastic change in wedding celebrations, customs, traditions, accessories, cakes, songs, and more. Moreover, While some traditions and ways of celebrations have remained strong and still been followed.

Goan Vintage Weddings are nowadays seen when a couple chooses a vintage wedding theme. Where instead of luxurious cars they choose old vintage cars. Secondly, the wedding dress code for the entourage, the wedding decor, and many more such things. Therefore, Weddings de Goa has come through traditions during the ancient days on how the Goan Vintage Weddings were really celebrated. So, let us have a look.

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Unlike today where the wedding reception takes place in a venue or wedding hall in Goa. Most importantly in the past. Wedding receptions were celebrated under a Matov mostly setup at the groom’s residence.

A matov is basically a pandal set up decorated with colourful cloth. Below it area levelled up as a dance floor. Also, chairs were set up all around unlike the banquet set up today.

Wedding Decorators North Goa

Wedding Decor:

Most of the Wedding decor used for Goan Vintage Weddings were paper frills, basic thermocol cuttings. Mostly prepared at home, together with palm leaves and local flowers. Moreover, Churches were decorated with just fresh flowers at the altar and benches.

Unlike today, where we have dedicated Wedding decorators. Who use luxurious setups and also use decorative items at the venue and church.



They are a group of people who were invited at the Brides and Grooms place respectively to prepare all the wedding food. And also food for all other wedding-related traditions like the ross, portonne etc.

Therefore Cooking all the food at home, be it the amazing delicious curries, frying the fish and making the desserts like vonn. Not only cooking but also getting all the members together to help and participate in cooking.

The Ranpinni’s are now replaced by Wedding Caterers from whom we can choose from a variety of food items to have at the wedding venue.

Wedding Accessories:

Also, Today we look for fancy glittery wedding tiaras, foam flower accessories, customized bouttonories and the list of wedding accessories just goes on.

However, in the old days wedding tiaras were just cloth flowers and beads and the other accessories were made of colourful paper, stocking flowers etc.

Moreover, These are some of the ways Goan Vintage Weddings were celebrated. However, the recent luxurious and Royal celebrations have captivated the minds of the new era bridal couple with its classic nods. But also there are many who stick to the ancient traditions and want to have their weddings in the Vintage Style.