Goan Hindu Wedding Traditions

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Explore the Goan Hindu Wedding Traditions

When someone talks about a “Goan Hindu Wedding” it comes with food, fun, and a whole lot of dancing. Adding to this, with their colorful culture Hindu weddings in Goa are the most cheerful ones and celebrated with great pomp and energy.

However, as we explore deep into the wedding splendor there are a number of Goan Hindu Wedding Traditions that need to be followed during the course of the Wedding.

In Goa, the Hindu Wedding rituals are performed in full swing. And each of these traditions desires a beautiful blend of celebration. From some unheard and lesser-known rituals to conventional ones The Hindu Weddings have it all. Well, nowadays not all follow these rituals but some stick to their traditions.

WeddingsdeGoa have clubbed together with the most exorbitant Hindu Wedding Traditions that are followed in Goa. So, let us have a look and know the reason behind celebrating these traditions.

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Sakharpuda is basically the ring ceremony or the engagement ceremony. Where the bride and the groom are engaged exchanging a ring as a symbol of beginning their new lives together.

In this ceremony, the groom’s mother applies Haldi-kumkum on the bride’s forehead as a blessing and gifts her with sweets which symbolizes the word sakhar. Similarly, the Bride’s mother performs the same ritual on the groom.

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Ganpati Puja

Seeking blessing from Lord Ganesha is an integral part of a Hindu Wedding. In this custom, a special puja is performed at the bride’s and grooms’ homes separately offering prayers and seeking blessings from Lord Ganesh.

The first invitation card is placed before Lord Ganesh before any of the invitations are sent out. The Hindu Wedding Invitation often has a Ganesh image endorsed on it.

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Chuddo Ceremony

The Chuddo ceremony also known as the bangle ceremony is mostly performed at the bride’s maternal uncle’s house. The bride’s hands are filled with a set of green glass bangles insinuated with gold bangles in between.

This symbolizes the start of her new life. So also, the bride is adorned with payals, earrings, toe rings, and other ornaments. The Bride receives gifts as blessings from her relatives.

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Mehendi and Sangeet

Beautifully designed Henna is decorated by the Mehendi Artist on the bride’s hands and feet. This tradition takes place at the bride’s house. Other than the bride, other women and girls also apply henna on their hands.

After the Mehendi follows the Sangeet Ceremony which is full of extravagant fun, music, and dancing. Dance performances are arranged by family members and relatives. DJs and musicians are arranged to keep the guests entertained

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Haldi Ceremony

Similar to the Ross ceremony in the Christian wedding the Hindus perform the Haldi Ceremony. Herein, a turmeric paste is applied to the bride and the groom at their respective houses.

The Haldi is applied as purifying the souls of the bride and groom. Moreover, Haldi has natural skin purifying and cleansing properties which gives a glow to the bride and groom’s skin adding to their natural beautifying treatment.

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The Panchpartavan ceremony is performed on the fifth day after the wedding. In this ceremony, the groom and the groom’s family and relatives are invited to the bride’s house. Basically, the home returning of the bride.

There’s a small gathering among the two families and all the arrangements from food to entertainment and also providing gifts to the groom’s family is done by the Bride’s family.

All these rituals are wonderful and fun-filled and importantly, have a deep meaning behind them.

However, some of the ceremonies may differ and are celebrated differently with different Hindu communities in Goa. Depending on the community the couple belongs to.

There are many ceremonies performed on the day of the Hindu wedding as well. This includes following the mahurat, the shiv Parvati puja, varmhala, sath phere and more. All with a deep meaning.

Each ceremony has a unique aspect and a unique experience to embrace. These are the primarily performed Goan Hindu Wedding Traditions explaining details for you to deep dive into the beauty of this regal culture.

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