Emcee Celbert Dias

Emcee Celbert Dias  – “The emcee for your occasion is the glue that holds it together and helps make jr a memorable one.” You definitely may have come across various styles of emceeing but Celbert Dias has one of his own.

A lot of hard work, preparation, research and detailing goes into hosting an event, which is done by Emcee Celbert Dias. He knows how to set the right tone for the evening while keeping the energy flowing vivaciously.

What started as a passion, turned into several weddings and events ‘hosted’. With the vast experience that Celbert Dias holds, you are sure to have your perfect dream wedding! Not just experience, but he is also well-aware of the latest trends to make your occasion a fun one.

The Journey for Emceeing the wedding with Emcee Celbert Dias begins much before the final week.


  • Meets with the clients personally
  • Discusses every tiny detail
  • Gathers all the required information
  • Suggests creative ideas
  • Provides recommendations

Why don’t you just go ahead and make that call to know more?

Before that, you should also know that Celbert has hosted international events and has introduced huge artists like Lorna, Aasma and Raghav at their respective shows.

When such an emcee hosts your occasion, you are bound to expect great quality and a lot more than you deserve.

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Have a look at some of his videos where he hosted weddings and other events.

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