Different Wedding Cake Flavors for Goan Weddings

Finding the Perfect and Delicious Wedding cake flavours is as important as finding the the perfect and elegant wedding cake design. The Wedding cake taste should be equally delicious and unique as the wedding cake look. Well, the wedding cake flavours have been multiplied over the years. To get your mouth watering Weddingsdegoa have clubbed together some of the unique and delicious cake flavours used for Goan Weddings.

Chocolate Truffle

If you are a chocoholic then the chocolate truffle wedding cake flavour is the perfect one for you. Lately, this cake flavour has been one of the most trending for many wedding in Goa. So, if you are looking for a Dark, super rich wedding cake the Chocolate truffle is the best one for you.

Pink Champagne

A light and Fluffy cake with a sweetening touch of the real bubbly champagne with added buttercream its unique flavour will surely enrich your taste buds on something new. If your wedding theme is pink or you are one of those girly brides whose favourite is pink then this one is the best for you.

Red Velvet

The Red velvet Pairs a moist, velvety texture cake which has a sweet chocolatey flavour laced with a classy cream cheese frosting. The perfect wedding cake in terms of design, look and taste as well.

Hazelnut Almond

For the one who loves nuts the Hazelnut Almond cake filled with dark chocolate is the best suited for you. A sweet delight of buttercream and almonds sprinkled over it is the best combination to spike up your taste buds.

Ferrero Rocher

For all the Ferrero Rocher Lovers a chocolate delight with the magic of Hazelnut and rich nutella buttercream and the crunchy wafers in it. The cake can be topped and decorated by the Ferrero Rocher Chocolates which would make the cake look as well as taste good.

Traditional Fruit Cake

Although its a traditional one it never went out of trend. The rich taste of dry fruits will delight every bite of the cake. So for those couples who want it the traditional way this ones for you.

Well, besides these there’s a wide variety of cake flavours catered by the Goan cake vendors. It’s your big day and you have full rights to choose the best for you. Follow the link https://weddingsdegoa.com/wedding-cakes-goa/ to get in touch with Goa’s top cake vendors.