Chuddo Ceremony – The Goan Tradition

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Goan Wedding Tradition - Wedding Chuddo Ceremony

The Goan Wedding is not just a one-day affair but around a week full of fun and frolic Celebrations. Well, The Goan Wedding also comes with a number of traditions and rituals to be followed. However, each of these rituals or traditions is spontaneous and rejoicing and has a deep meaning.

The Ross Ceremony, Chudo Ceremony, Bhuim Jevonn, Vojje, Portonnem, Gatho, Xim, and many more all have a reason and meaning behind following the tradition. Although, nowadays not all of these are followed.

The Chuddo Ceremony is a Goan Wedding Tradition that is a must for every Goan Bride. It may be a Hindu Goan Wedding or a Christian Goan Wedding.

The Chuddo Ceremony also known as the bangle ceremony marks the start of the Goan Wedding Celebration as it depicts the start of the Bride’s new life journey. It is a tradition wherein the Bride’s hands are filled with a set of beautifully colored bangles. The bangle color sometimes varies from village to village in Goa.

Traditional Chuddo

The set of bangles fitted on the bride’s hands. The color and design of the bangles can vary from place to place in Goa


The local bangle seller also known as “Kakonnkar” or “volar” invited at the Bride’s house to perform the tradition. 

Blessing on Bangles

Bangles kept at the altar to seek blessings from the almighty. Elders, family, and friends also bless the Bride’s bangles.

A local bangle seller “Kakonnkar” or “Volar” is invited to the bride’s house where the ceremony takes place. The bride’s family, friends, and some village ladies are also invited and get an opportunity to get some bangles for themselves too.

The Chuddo ceremony is performed a few days before the wedding day. However, some Goan brides prefer to perform this ritual a month before their wedding.

As a token of blessing, the relatives and friends offer money which is kept in a tray where the ceremony is performed. Some local folks sing the local Goan “Mandos” as the ceremony goes on showing a great zeal towards the celebration

At the end of the Ceremony, The Kokonnkar or bangle seller is offered money, coconut, and some rice grains as a token of gratitude and appreciation by the bride’s family.

The Chuddo Ceremony is surely a tradition full of fun, joy, and laughter. It might be a small and joyous event but is followed in every Goan Wedding as it has a big meaning to it. These traditions definitely make a Goan Wedding one of a kind.

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Pic Credit: Jead’s Photosphere