Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for your Wedding in Goa

No wedding in Goa is complete without music.

In Goa music is an integral part of every celebration. Well, being spoiled for choices for live music bands in Goa, it’s often challenging to Choose a special and perfect live wedding band for your wedding.

Well, to make it simpler for you, WeddingsdeGoa has clubbed together the four most integral factors to keep in mind while choosing the ideal live wedding band in Goa.  


In Goa you are sure to be spoilt for choices when it comes to Wedding Bands. With so many I’m town the pricing for the bands also vary dramatically, ranging from thousands going upto lakhs. The more experienced, popular and versatile weddings bands are expected to be on the higher side. So it’s important to set your budget so you can segregate perfectly. 

Location Suitability

Well, Goa being a small state travelling from the north to south should not be an issue. However, it’s always important to check the band location and how far its from your venue. Just to ensure time management from both sides 

Favoured music style

Once you have a shortlisted list of bands based on your budget and Location, the next thing is the type of music the band plays. Does it play all genres? Do they perform the music style you like?. These are the basic questions that are needed to be sought out so you really enjoy the music at your wedding. 

Versatility of the band

A band being versatile and performing all genres of music is important right from bollywood, hollywood and of course the Goan style. So that all your guests enjoy the wedding celebration equally.

To conclude, if you find a band that seems obvious and meets all your needs, book it as soon as possible. As the top Wedding Live bands in Goa fill up their diaries much in advance. Especially during the peak wedding season in Goa. So, if you feel the band and music is right for you don’t wait more, just snap them right away!