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Business Development Associate

  Full Time |    Business   |    Ucassaim Goa


North Goa:1   |  South Goa:2

Job Summary:

As a Business Development Associate, you will play a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of our business. This entry-level position offers an exciting opportunity for fresh graduates to learn and contribute to the expansion of our client base and revenue streams. You will collaborate closely with the sales and marketing teams, develop essential skills, and gain valuable experience in building relationships and achieving sales targets.

Skills required:

Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

Passionate about Business growth & management.

Active listening and empathy when interacting with potential clients.

Confidence in presenting and articulating ideas.

A proactive and motivated attitude toward sales and client engagement.

Ability to work collaboratively within a team-oriented environment.

Proficiency in Google Workspace, CRM software, ZOHO (preferred).

Time management skills to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.

Adaptability and willingness to learn about our industry and offerings.


Lead Generation: Identify potential clients through market research, online platforms, and backend resources, initiating the first steps in building a strong sales pipeline.

Client Outreach: Reach out to prospects via phone, email, and social media to introduce our products/services and create interest in our offerings.

Pitch and Presentation: Prepare and deliver compelling sales presentations to potential clients, highlighting the value and benefits of our solutions.

Relationship Building: Nurture relationships with clients, addressing their inquiries, understanding their needs, and providing solutions that align with their goals.

Sales Collaboration: Collaborate with the sales team to strategize, plan, and execute effective sales campaigns, ensuring alignment with company objectives.

Networking: Attend industry events, conferences, and networking opportunities to expand your professional network and generate leads.

Market Research: Stay updated on industry trends, competitive landscape, and customer needs, sharing insights to enhance our market positioning.

Achieving Targets: Work towards achieving and exceeding assigned sales targets and contributing to overall revenue growth.

Data Management: Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of client interactions, prospects, and sales activities using CRM software.

Training and Development: Participate in training programs to enhance your understanding of our products, sales techniques, and business processes.

What We Offer:

  1. A Competitive Starting Salary for launching your career
  2. Incentives/ Sales Commissions Based on Performance
  3. Flexibility in Work Hours
  4. Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies for hands-on experience
  5. Opportunities for Training and Professional Growth
  6. Team Building Activities and Streaming subscriptions
  7. A Supportive and Positive Work Atmosphere

Join WHN NEXT (WeddingsdeGoa) and be part of a dynamic team that aims to revolutionize the wedding industry through innovative digital marketing strategies and integrated online experiences.

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