Bridal Entrance Wedding March Songs for your Goan wedding

Goan weddings are all about music, food, and drinks. Entrance Wedding Songs in Goa for your big day make and make sure to make it special. The specialty of the celebration lies in the live music band that plays for the reception post-nuptials.

Not many wedding states have this tradition of a live band performing for a wedding. This is normal and has been the norm for decades for Goan weddings.
Bands in Goa have always been evolving to meet the latest trends in the music industry.

From the latest wedding songs to the classical oldies that still rock weddings.

WeddingsdeGoa helps you put up a playlist for your goan wedding. Ideally the weddings are divided into sets and each set has around 6 -7 numbers (songs) lined up. Depending upon the vibe of the crowd the band will alternate the numbers to sync in the flow.

Wedding - Julie Rogers

The all-time favorite and most loved wedding entrance song has to be the evergreen song by Wedding – Julie Rogers.

You by my side….there’s only I see.. This song will surely get your wedding grooving right from the first note. This song with its beautifully sung lyrics makes the emotional moment all the more memorable

Nostalgia for sure for many of the top wedding march songs to date.

Kazar hanv zanvcheak asa boro

For a perfect Goan couple this would be the best one to begin the wedding.

This song has the vibe and energy of a perfect Goan musical. This can be Instrumental as well. One of the favorites for a couple with a perfect Goan theme. Marching to the Goan song makes the Goan wedding all the more traditional and authentic.

Staying in Goa or not the Goan feel on your wedding day makes it all the more amazing. 

Viva Espana

We are sure you will love this one.. Viva Espana.

If you are one that loves the tango and want to start your Goan wedding dance. Then this is the best option then go for it.

This one never gets old and is always making it a trendy and groovy option to go for.

Some Amazing Beats and Flow of music adding to that extra boost of energy to your entrance. 

Uptown Funk

If you are one that would like to start the wedding with high energy.

Uptown Funk gonna give you the crazy party vibes for your big day. So if you are the party freak of the moment and it’s your big day you need to start your groovy dance with this song. 

Moreover, this one would surely be on the kick start with the entrance tempo and it will be guaranteed it will surely be a good night and an unforgettable memory

Stayin Alive

Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive…  If you are one that would like to start the wedding with high energy. This Amazing song is the one that would surely be on the list..

Moreover to kick start the entrance with the perfect tempo and mood. This is your song choice of the day. Enjoy a perfectly memorable night starting with this song.

These are the best top Wedding Entrance Songs and surely there are more out there for you to choose from.. We hope we can get you started with your wedding playlist for your Entrance with Wedding Songs from Goa or some funky tunes to make it groovy.