About WDG Cake Week 2020


We are happy to connect with you in initiating Goa’s first Wedding Cake week 2020. A Week dedicated to the hands that create magic with cakes. A profession that needs to be recognised and appreciated. The creativity & minute work involved in crafting cakes deserves its accolade.

Very few people actually know the story that runs behind the scene and the time involved in baking, designing & decorating the wedding cake. We bring forth all these experiences and share them for people to get enlightened. The late nights, the hard work & the zeal that goes behind sparkling somebody else’s celebration. 

The Wedding cake week Goa 2020 is a celebration of our cake designers. A Platform to get everyone involved under one roof. A concept to share ideas, a Stage to showcase our work and importantly benefit from the online workshop & webinars with our expert resource speakers.

We have connected with Goan based cake designers that are creating a mark internationally in the hospitality industry in Dubai, Canada & UK. We are privileged to have them share their experiences and work with us.

Surely this will be the beginning of a new chapter for all of us post covid times. A time we all need to come together for better and stronger days lined up ahead. If you have still not registered, please do. Registrations are free and we look forward to having you join us in crafting memorable experiences of Goa’s first wedding cake week 2020 Digitally Online.

Stay Safe , Stay Blessed