Where it all began ...

Our Story originates outside of Goa, far across the Arabian Gulf on a cold winter night in the land of modern marvels and luxury – The land of Dubai. The year 2017, Month of January, we were just back to Dubai after a couple of our close friends’ weddings in Goa. Sipping a cup of tea and rewinding the wedding stories.

As a part of the wedding team, we had encountered the hustle-bustle and lack of wedding resources digitally available in Goa at that time. We were helter-skelter sourcing for wedding vendors in Goa to get our decor & setup as wanted by our beloved couples. With no wedding planner at our mercy, we pulled it off ourselves with the efficient technical & management expertise we shared in our respective professional fields.
The whole episodes of events & planning for weddings in Goa made us feel the empty vacuum and opportunity available for an online wedding platform. A one-stop platform that will help couples and people like us searching for wedding services, vendors in Goa easily available online with their profiles.

There was a need for the Goan wedding vendors to be showcased under one single platform. We knew straight off there is a requirement and hunger for such a platform. As Engineers, we saw a window of startup opportunity. Now it was time for putting out technical & management skills at work. After 3 months of intense research & development, we launched our first WDG online wedding platform built completely in house. Our team grew from 2 to 9 members and look forward to scaling it further.
Since then it has only been an upward journey. We have more than 400+ listed wedding vendors on our platform and approximately 15k+ monthly users hitting on the site. The credits to the platform go to the experiences & obstacles we underwent while planning our friend’s wedding in Goa. Today we look back on the cup of tea we shared on that cold winter night which eventually led to the birth of Goa’s Online Wedding Platform – Weddingsdegoa.com

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