About Bridal Makeover Week 2022

Good Day ! 

WeddingsDeGoa is proud to host Goa’s Online Bridal Makeover Week 2022. A Week dedicated to the hands that create magic.

We bring forth a profession that needs to be recognized and appreciated in bringing glam and fame to the world. The perfect blend of makeup and art to identify what matches each one’s tone and make it unique for everyone.

Not many people know about the work that goes behind the scene during a bridal makeover. What we see is only the final output which makes the bride look naturally stunning and gorgeous.
We bring forth all these experiences and share them for people to get enlightened. The late nights, the hard work & the zeal that goes behind add that extra sparkle to a celebration.

The Bridal Makeover Week is a celebration of our Makeup Artists in Goa. A Platform to get everyone involved under one roof. A concept to share ideas, a stage to showcase their work, and importantly benefit from the online workshop & webinars with our expert resource speakers. This celebration will help Brides-to-be in providing them an opportunity to see the best work of our Goan Makeup Artists. We are privileged to have them share their experiences and be a part of the week held digitally online. We are all in this to create the best impressions of our work. They all put in so much effort and that surely needs to be appreciated and highlighted and that’s exactly what WeddingsDeGoa is trying to achieve.

We appreciate the efforts of our Goan Makeup Artists that not only transform the brides but adds to the Glamour and Zest to you. So here to all the Makeup Artists in Goa come to be a part of the celebration and to all the Brides-to-be, We have the platform and you have the choice.

All under one single roof !
Best of Love and Lots of Success to all !!!

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