5 innovative tips for wedding decoration themes

When you and your partner are planning your dream wedding, one of the first big decisions you’ll make is your theme. Your wedding theme is a good chance to bring your unique style and personality to your wedding. Deciding on a theme will also help you choose everything from your decor to your menu. Now as we are in the corona virus pandemic this is the best time to discuss and come up with innovative ideas for your wedding.

If you’re looking for the perfect theme for your wedding, this list of 5 innovative wedding decoration themes will help you put together a beautiful wedding.

Theme Color-based wedding

Since the selection of colours sets the mood of the entire wedding, it is quite a difficult task to select the right one. You should select a colour that will not only look the best but will also say something special about your relationship.

Floral theme

A floral wedding theme can bring vintage feels to your wedding or simply add a classic touch to it. You can see the two contrasting executions here, one for the minimalists and the other for an extravagant style. The minimalist approach has made the rustic style wedding quite popular among the couples these days.

Exotic location-based theme

It ensures that not only the couple but everyone who attends the wedding has a great time too. Introduce that ‘me’ element by picking not only the right venue but also a theme that reflects your personality.

Think about the season

Seasonal themes provide a cohesive aspect to the wedding without overwhelming it. Additionally, picking up seasonal wedding flowers and decorations helps lower the wedding budget because they’re easy to find and frequently on sale.

Creative wedding themes

Go beyond the popular themes and come up with creative, almost whimsical, wedding themes that highlight your personality as a couple.

Hosting a wedding with a theme is a big task that requires a little extra planning to bring it all together. Couples need to access their inner wedding planners or consider hiring a wedding planner to help bring a large-scale theme to life.