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Looking for the Best Wedding Gown Designers Goa ? LeanneAlphonso Couture Located in a quaint by lane off the Nuvem – Margao highway Goa, Leanne Alphonso has shaped her work with an international feel. Equally, rooted in the traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Moreover, Leanne Alphonso renders a highly personalized wedding Gown couture service. Along with a collection of exquisite textiles that are sourced from around the globe.

WHY CHOOSE Leanne Alphonso Couture?
Leanne Alphonso has her recent couture offerings that have proven to be exciting for the bride seeking something unexpected. Equally, Leanne Alphonso Couture has ushered in a competitive, dynamic, and diverse bridal fashion scene. No matter what your personal style is, these talents that hail an international standard, are driving the of-the-moment bridal conversation. Additionally, offering a twist on the traditional staples. Leanne caters to voluminous textured ball gowns, silk faille A-line gown adorned with hand-cut lace, the own produced lace and the hand-embroidered tulle. To compliment your gown she offer you an opportunity to get it all right by offering services for custom entourage garments and hand crafted accessories.

Therefore, if you are looking for Best Wedding Gown Designers Goa, Leanne Alphonso Couture offers the best. To access more follow them on Facebook and Instagram


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